SkillStrings FAQs

SkillStrings FAQs

Q : What is SkillStrings?
A : SkillStrings is a complete career platform designed for networking and job related interaction. Job seekers and those on the hiring end can use it form relevant connections based on their ‘skill’ specifications. Beyond that, they can tap into the platform’s many features and tools, including a video interviewing facility, and the ability to add videos to their profiles.

Q : How does one get started on SkillStrings?
A : Setting up a SkillStrings profile is easy and takes just minutes. Depending on whether you are a candidate, recruiter or employer, you can click on the associated ‘Register’ button and then proceed to fill in details on the page that appears. Pay special attention to the skills you select as this will determine whom you can connect with through this platform and the kind of network you build.
For example, if you list C++ and Java among your programming skills, the site will identify recruiters and hiring managers who seek candidates with those skills and with whom you can then connect.

Q : What is the Dashboard?
A : The dashboard is the main view available to every user on SkillStrings. This dashboard includes:
A Calendar for scheduling and storing interview appointments
The Strings Feed – a news feed that shows updates from people in your network
A space to enter and post updates to your network
The status of pending requests for interaction
The status of jobs you have applied for
Recent account activity related to new ‘strings’ or connections

Q : What are the some of the primary benefits of using SkillStrings?
A : Benefits for Candidates
Connect with recruiters and employers seeking your skills
Keep the job search focused and targeted with more job listings that match your profile
Differentiate yourself with a 90 second video that gives recruiters and employers areal glimpse of your employment potential
Get an actual - not automated - response for every job you apply for and avoid the resume ‘black hole’
Update recruiters and hiring managers in your network on changes in your profile and status
Easily interact with recruiters and hiring managers in your network through email, online chat and video interviews
View your interview appointments and stay organized through a built-in calendar

Benefits for Independent Recruiters
Connect with a targeted group of skilled candidates
Easily schedule interactions for candidate screening
Quickly move candidates through the qualification process by using the interactive video facility
Use the site’s tools - including calendar and interview scheduler - to boost productivity and efficiency

Benefits for Employers
A one-stop platform to manage all your hiring activities
Easily communicate with all members of your recruiting team
Eliminate redundancy and inefficiencies in the hiring process
Add locations to your profile for better administration and management of your account

Q : Is it safe to provide personal information on SkillStrings?
A : The information you share on SkillStrings can only be viewed by people in your network and will NOT be made available to others. However, since this is a career site, please make sure that this information is relevant to your work experience, skills and/or career goals.

Q : Can I export data from SkillStrings into other applications?
A : Yes, SkillStrings users have the option of converting relevant data (including candidate or recruiter details and information on flagged or current contacts) into a spreadsheet file format for viewing in Excel.

Q : Can I export my calendar?
A : Your SkillStrings calendar can be converted into a universal .vcs file that can then be exported into other personal organizers.