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Wolverine Style Job Dedication

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For his most recent screen role as Wolverine, actor Hugh Jackman reportedly put his body through a grueling and punishing workout regimen that included umpteen crunches, bench presses and push-ups. 
For most of us, ‘Ouch!’ is the first and natural reaction to such superhuman effort. The next logical one might be ‘why would anybody put themselves through that?’  But Jackman belongs to that special breed of actors who have gone to extreme physical lengths in order to get into character. Others have shown similar dedication to their craft. For example, Tom Hanks dropped several pounds and grew copious amounts of facial hair to portray a person stranded on an island in the 2000 movie, Cast Away. 

It certainly pushes job dedication onto a plane to which most of us can only aspire.

So, as a tribute to Jackman and those of his ilk, we have come up with a special way to group people based on how committed they are to their jobs. Keep in mind, however, that being wedded to work may interfere with other things. Having a life, for one.  But nobody said commitment comes easy. 

So, here it is…the Wolverine Job Dedication Classification Scheme:

1) Staying late? Coming in early? Checking email on your phone well after you have tucked yourself into bed. You have all the markings of a Stretcher.

2) You jump at a chance to take on extra responsibilities so that you can lighten the load for your team members. You may be a sucker…er, sorry…a Heavy Lifter.

3) You thrive on assignments that involve pain, sweat, and maybe even a few tears. There is little doubt here…you are a Cruncher!

4) When everyone else has collectively called it a day and gone home, you are the lone warrior fixing the font sizes in that crucial presentation. The only label that fits a person of your caliber: the One More Push-Up-er!

Hopefully, you don’t fall in any of these categories or at least, not all the time. But if you do, fret not. Hugh Jackman would approve!


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